Coronavirus precautions

During the current coronavirus outbreak, we are closely following and taking note of updates from the Diocese of Leeds and the Church of England regarding church services and particularly the Eucharist service.  This is however a rapidly changing situation.

For the present, all church services are continuing to go ahead with appropriate precautions in place.  Handgel is provided at the main entrance to church for use before and after the service.  We are no longer sharing the peace with handshakes and hugs as we would normally – instead we are simply smiling and waving at each other or using the British Sign Language sign for “peace be with you”.  In addition to the usual handwashing as the altar is prepared for Holy Communion, the priest leading the service is also using handgel prior to touching the communion wafers.  There is no Common Cup chalice being used (no wine being taken during communion) and no offertory procession so only the priest is touching the communion wafers and the patten (plate) that they are on.  For those who usually come to the altar rail to receive a blessing rather than communion, the priest is simply saying a blessing over them while making the sign of the cross, and not laying hands on them at all.  It is hoped in this way, we can continue to come together to share God’s love for ourselves, each other and our community.

Currently, we are also continuing to have refreshments after the service although this may change if directed by the authorities.

We encourage you all to take the necessary and advised precautions, look after yourselves and keep an eye on those around you who may need extra help at this time……..and most of all to be kind and take God’s love and light with you out into our community during these uncertain times.

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